We are here to help individuals and small/medium size businesses with their all accounting needs. As a business owner, we are sure you have already discovered that it takes much more to run a company than many people understand. While concentrating on your core business, financial record accounting can easily become overwhelming. Out of date or poorly prepared records can actually hinder your business. Active Professionals solves this problem by offering high quality services for individuals and small and medium size businesses at affordable fees.

By utilizing complete accounting services for your small/medium size business, you will spend less time on your books and achieve better results. Professionally prepared financial records provide powerful information tools that enable you to better manage your business.

Canada Immigration & Business Services (CIBS) Ltd is ready to assist you in the following areas:


  • Analysis of GL Accounts, when required

  • Assist with invoicing or other office data management tasks

  • Bank reconciliations

  • Help with budget preparation

  • Invoicing

  • Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Bookkeeping

  • Recording and managing all assets and liabilities

  • Recording revenues & expenses in accordance to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles)

  • Set up local, computerized bookkeeping systems (Simply Accounting or Quick Books) for clients with no previous accounts receivable /accounts payable records on computer

  • Spreadsheet creation and maintenance

  • Tracking Cash Receipts/Bank DepositsAnalysis of GL Accounts, when required

Business Advice and Services:

  • Answer any business related questions to conduct a profitable business

  • Assist our clients with analysis for them to make more informed business decisions

  • Foreign Pensions & Investments (how to report them and how they are treated under Canadian Law)

  • Help evaluate your buy/lease options

  • Identifying key business positions and required skill sets to effectively match those key positions

  • Provide our clients with peace of mind so they can build their business to be more successful

  • Support in applying for a bank loanMonthly, Quarterly and Yearly Bookkeeping

  • Tax saving tips for Personal and Business Tax Returns

Business/Corporate Tax Returns:

  • Assistance and Representation for Business Tax Audit

  • Corporate Tax Planning

  • Federal and Provincial Tax Returns

  • Filing yearly corporate tax return for business/corporation

  • T-2 Genera Filing

  • Tax Saving Tips

Business Registration:

  • Charity

  • Corporation with minute book and seal

  • Non-profit organization

  • Sole Proprietorship

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Services:

  • Assistance to Complete Child Tax Application

  • CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) approved e-filer

  • Prepare Personal and Business/Corporate Tax Returns

  • Represent Personal and Business/Corporate Tax Issues

  • Represent for CRA Audit either personal or business

  • Represent for Disability Tax Credit Application

Financial Statements:

  • Simple Balance sheet, Income Statement and Trial balance

  • Notice to Readers (Compilation)

GST Returns:

  • Assistance and Representation for GST Audit

  • Complete Tax Planning and Preparation

  • Filing necessary forms to the government

  • Undertake GST reconciliation to verify GST calculations

Income Tax Returns:

  • Business

  • Capital Income/Loss

  • Corporate

  • Day Care/Baby Sitter

  • Deceased Person

  • Electronic/e-filing

  • Employment

  • Family

  • Foreign Income

  • Home Based Business

  • Individual

  • New-comers

  • Personal

  • Rental Income

  • Self-employed

  • Stocks/bonds/Mutual Tax

  • Tax Savings Tips

  • Taxi’s Income

Incorporating Business:

  • Assistance with Registering companies with the government

  • Registration for WSIB, import/export, US licenses

  • Setting up business numbers, GST numbers & Payroll numbers

Payroll Services:

  • Calculate payroll cheques for employees

  • Filing necessary forms to the government

  • Records of employment

  • Statement of account for current source deduction

  • T4, T4A and T5 information slips

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly payroll

  • Workers compensation reports

Personal Tax Returns:

  • Amendment of previous years tax returns

  • Filing yearly personal tax return for individuals and families

  • E-filing/Electronic Tax Filing

  • Representation for any dispute to Revenue Canada

  • Representation for Revenue Canada Audit

  • T-1 General Tax Returns

Review Engagements & Compilations:

  • Issue actual financial statements (unaudited)

U.S.A Tax Returns:

  • Preparation of Personal and Business ax ReturnsIssue actual financial statements (unaudited)

Looking for a service not listed here? Do not hesitate to contact Canada Immigration & Business Services (CIBS) Ltd and we may be able to help and if not, we can find appropriate specialists free of charge.