Spousal Sponsorship: “Thank you, Immigration Consultant of Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd, for getting my wife’s immigration from Canadian Embassy in Algeria. My wife was citizen of Algeria and I came to your office for spouse sponsorship. Your office was helpful to do all the paperwork. I would strongly recommend Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd to anyone who wants immigration or non-immigration services.” H. B. Calgary, AB


U.S.A. Immigration: “Thank you for your service and kindness. We got much more than expected and will refer others to you.” S. C. Calgary, AB


Family Class Sponsorship: “Thanks for helping to bring my family! I appreciate.” L. H. Calgary, AB


Spouse Sponsorship: “Thank you for your time with my wife’s inquiries on sponsorship application. It was nice to see you. Thank you!” M. & L. R. Calgary, AB


Canadian Immigration Application: “Thank you for your valued help! We thought we were pretty much prepared to send our application for Permanent Residence – Spousal. We were only 1/2 way there! Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd definitely shed some light and saved us from wasting our time with what we were going to submit. Thank you again!” The D. Family


Spousal Sponsorship: “I would like to thank you for professional service in assisting my spouse to obtain Canada citizenship. Thanks again.” D. P. Calgary, AB


Thank you cards

We also have over 200 “Thank You Cards” posted throughout our office walls. For the sake of your time, we have only listed a few of them below.


“I wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed while dealing with Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd. Thank you for your support and patience. I have found them honest and straight forward professionals all the time. I wish all the best to Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd team in their future endeavours.” S. T.


“Thank you very much for your kindness. Your company is one of the best I have ever seen in Calgary. I trust your company and I will ask you to kindly do my official works in the future.” F. A.


“I appreciate your help and service, it was wonderful and I am glad that I chose Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd. Thank you.” B. L.


“Good day, Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd! Thanks for everything, for the paperwork you did for me & __… It didn’t take a long time to wait for the papers while me & __ are still in the Philippines. More power.” N. Family


“How can I say thank you enough? You have been there through it all. Sorry for taking so long and being patient with us. We are glad we chose your company and would recommend it to anyone that needs the service. I would even be a live person of truth and witness. I thank you and cannot say that enough, thank you and best wishes with your future clients, hopefully they will not be as challenging as me. Be blessed.” H. P.


“It was a great pleasure to meet you and the help and generosity you conveyed towards me was exceptional. Your professionalism is admirable. I express my gratitude for everything you have done here for me today. Thank you & best wishes.” K. S.


“I would like to thank the whole Active Professional team, and especially Mr__ for the exceptional work they did on my file. I applied as a cook on the Canadian Experience class, and received excellent service. They have always been there, helping and giving good advices, and were the key to the success of my life, process only took 10 months! …Thanks to you I received my residency in the shortest delays I could even imagine, and I also appreciate your pricing and flexibility. The whole process was smooth and professional. Thank you!” H. B.


“Words cannot express how thankful we are for your hard work on our case to obtain permanent residence, family class. I still remember the day I came to the office for the first time alone without my husband … who had to stay in Costa Rica. I was afraid we would never be together again. I had thoroughly researched the CIC website but I was still left confused and uncertain. After meeting with warm-hearted and intelligent Mr__, I came out of the office with confidence and hope. We decided to get full representation and it was absolutely worth it. Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd helped us fill out documents, checked them diligently, answered a million questions, and supported us in obtaining additional requests from the Government. And on top of all of these things most importantly he provided us with peace of mind. And the result? Our case was processed quicker than the Guatemala Office’s shortest estimated time and we have been reunited to start a new life and new family together here in beautiful, peaceful, safe and wonderful Canada. Thank you!!!” K. V. K. & J. A.


“I am very pleased to tell you that I have become a Canadian Citizen in March 2013. Only because of the professional service of your organization that I was able to get through from the problems I faced during the immigration sponsorship application of my wife. In the end I must appreciate the efforts of your organization especially in inviting our family to Calgary. Thank you very much.” R. S. and S. R.


“Our family would like to give our sincere thanks to Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd for extending your help and support in us during processing our papers. Now we are here in Canada. We are so much happy for making our dreams come to reality. Your company has been an instrument to those families and individuals who dreamt to come to this country. Your efficiency and professionalism will always be remembered. We will definitely refer you to other friends who wish to use your services. Once again we thank you and we wish your company success in your future endeavours.” C. family


“Thank you very much for all the help. The forms were formidable before your help.” N. S.


“Thank you so much for all your help! The process has been a pleasure with you on our side. Words cannot express how grateful I am for your help in my stepfather’s case.” M. B.


“We are so grateful to you. We simply cannot express our appreciation enough. In our hearts we know without your help and support we would not have been approved for permanent residence. Now we can know that we can be together to be safe, happy and finish our lives in freedom. Thank you.” L. C. & T. E.


“Thank you very much for your time and help. Without your help, we never had met. Thanks again.” H. F.


“Thank you very much for your help to get my work permit and I’m sorry for taking so long to write “thank you letter” to you. …and I really appreciate your help because we can’t be together in Canada without your support. Thank you so much again for your so professional service and I hope you the best for your business.” J. & K.


“I would like to thank you for helping me. I really appreciate you doing your best on my application for my chance to come here in Canada. Also very easy, no interview or anything. Now after many months I am here and a Canadian Citizen because of your help. Good job. Once again thank you and God Bless.” C. & J. O.”


“Thank you so very much for all your help. Words cannot express our appreciation to you. This process would not have gone this smoothly. Thank again for all your help with the paper work for immigration. Thank again.” C. & T. A.


“I admire your achievement and hard work in all aspects of life in such a short time in a foreign and competitive country such as Canada. Wish you the best in your life.” N. D.


“The first time when we went to your office we were full of questions and worries. We were wondering how you can help us. Now you provided your knowledge, you helped my children with the first step to Canada. We are amazed how you helped us. With big appreciation we are very thankful.” J. & J.


“I really appreciate the service of Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd on my behalf. Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd provided quality service and I was happy and satisfied. I will continue to seek the services of Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd whenever I need and I thank Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd for his professionalism and courtesy.” P. A.


“This is the second service that I am getting from Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd and I am still impressed by the level of professionalism second to none. Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd is always going out of his way to try and resolve issues and provide the best advice possible.” C. Y.


“I want to thank you for the wonderful service my mom and I received. Your helpful staff made it very easy to understand the process of becoming Canadian citizen. I will recommend your services to anyone I know.” J. H.


“Thank you for your patience, guidance and concise answers to my questions. I appreciate the best service.” A. G.


“Thank you Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd for your patient explanations and your concise answers to my questions. I am more confident now and more aware of my responsibilities and options.” E. H.


“Dear Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd, thank you for helping my family reunion case. Being able to be reunited with my parents from China means a lot to me and my family. Thank you for all your support in the past few years and we really appreciate it.” L. Z.


“Can’t thank you enough for all you do and most of all for just being you! Thank you for all your help.” B. P.


“Just wanted to let you know how much your thoughtfulness and caring really brightened up my day. Your kindness will always be remembered. Una ves mas muchisimas gracias por todo. Thank you.” M. H.


“We wish to take a moment to thank you all at Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd for your efforts, attentiveness, patience and sincerity. We really appreciate the job, attention and effort you did helping us to obtain a new entry visa to Canada when my handbag was stolen in Saudi Arabia which contained my daughter’s and my own PRC. Thanks again for the wonderful job you did in handling our case.” H. F. and P. P.


“Very patient and helpful. Thanks Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd.” I. L.


“Thank you for all your help and guidance over the past years. We are so happy to have received approval for our Sponsorship. Best wishes and we look forward to working with you in the future.” G. C. and S. C.


“For you’re among the nicest people I have ever known, and you’ll never be forgotten for the thoughtfulness you’ve shown. Thanks for everything.” N. family


“Thanks for your help and guidance. You have helped our family reunite and live together in Canada. Thanks.” R. K.


“Thank you for the great work that you did and keep doing for me and my husband! It’s good to know that we don’t have to worry about anything! Thank you!” K. U.


“Thank you for everything. We are very happy. Now, I can stay in Canada with my husband and baby!! Thank you very much.” R. U.


“Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd, thanks for that you did it for me. Thanks again!” M. A.


“I am pleased to have met you and your service. So far, we are happy with your assistance and hope to use your expertise in the future. Thanks.” K. C.


“Thanks for everything. I really appreciate the good service that you gave me… I am also blessed to have found a nice person who has helped me with my husband’s case.” T. B.


“Thanks for taking time out of your day – to really make mine! Thank you for helping me, bringing my wife to live with me in Canada.” N. C.


“Thanks for everything. We appreciate the service that you gave us.” A. H.


“Thank you. It seems that warmth and caring come naturally to you. There’s a kindness that is genuine in everything you do. Thanks for what you did. Thanks for being you. Thank you so much from both of us.” B. Y., M. A.


“You make my day every time I get another permit to stay. Thanks a million!” J.


“Thank you all so much for your hard work, patience and time. It was much appreciated. Great to have my husband able to look for work in Canada. Good luck with all your business that comes your way.” N.


“I want to express my deepest appreciation to you for guiding me through all this and for all your attention to details. Thank you a lot, I’m really glad I had your help throughout the process.” Dr. M. A.


“Deep in our hearts we are thankful to you for helping us and rendering your services during the application process of my spouse sponsorship and together of my children. Again thank you for reuniting my family. I hope more clients will come to you. Thank you for continuing working with our application even though we are miles apart. We will refer you with our friends and acquaintances. Thanks.” R. S. and family


“Thank you very much for your professionalism and expertise. … received Permanent Resident card. Thanks again for helping us receive this wonderful feeling of freedom it provides us.” B., E. and K.