“…We would like to thank for all you have done for us, I appreciate your professionalism, your dedication and determination. May you get all the success in your life.” R. T. and family


“…Thank you for your all help.” G. S.


“…Thank you for your guidance and help on my way.”A.


“…I am very grateful for your help. Thank you for your experiences, for all of our heart. Thank you for your help again.” T. M.


“..Thank you very much for everything you did for us.” Family C.


“…Thank you for your great help obtaining my citizenship! Please accept my sincere wishes to you and all the family.” R. K. & T. I.


“…Best wishes to you and your family!” S.


“…Thank you very much for the advice, support and help that you and your team have given to us! We could not have accomplished our goal without you! We have recommended you to our family and friends and hope that you, too, can help them reach their goal! Thank you once again!” K. A. & I. R.


“I am glad to deal with Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd. Their work is always clear and honest, and also fee of their service is lower than other companies. Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd could help you. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants immigration services and needs other services.” H. K.


“I wish to say thanks from both my wife … and I for processing and completing our immigration papers. All the best.” T. & E.


“Thank you so much for making an impossible situation right. You have proven to us that you and your team are very professional and knowledgeable in your line of work. We are happy that we used your advice and without a doubt recommend your service in the future.” K. and G. B.


“Just to say a Big Thank you to you and all of the Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd staff. You have been very accommodating, polite and professional. All of our cheeriest thanks.” N. T and A.”


“Tu (vous) ne peux croire le resultat sans le toucher. You can’t believe the result before you touch it. Now I believe.” P. G.


“Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you did. God bless you! K. & E. A.


“…Thank you.” B. V.


“You’re one in a million. Thank you so much for all your helpful advice and support as well as for your time.” H. R.


“Thank you for the good job for my Canadian Pardon. You’re the best.” D.


“Thank you very much, I would strongly recommend!” C.


“…Thank you for all your help could not have done this without all your help.” B.


“..Once again …, thank you for your great work and efficiency; you are great professional, thanks a million!” J. A.


“…Thanks for your kind and great job I won’t forget it.” M. K.


“…Thank you …for your hard work on my case – thanks.” M. A.


“…Thank you again for your hard work, we really appreciate it!” R. & K. G.


“…Words cannot express how grateful I am for all of your help. Thank you.” N. & J.


“….Many, many thanks for all the help you provided. One can only say…Excellent job.” A. & A.


”This is to sincerely thank you for your professionalism and kind attention on my divorce problems. Thanks.” A. F.


“…Thank you for your good work, you are the best. Thank you.” P. K.


“…Thank you for taking a huge caring off our minds and shoulders and guiding us though the pitfalls of the system!” A. & V.


“…My wife and I would like to thank you again … for all your caring help.” K.


“…Una vez mas muchísimas gracias por todo. Thank you, Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd….” M. H.


“…Thank you Mr. … to handling my permanent application.” F. & K.


“…It is God’s will that we got your services because he knows the best for us. Thank you!” G. & family


“…Thanks so much for your effect and time on my case to make it successful.” R. K.


“…We greatly appreciate all your help with our successful residency and your kind concern for our family.” S. C.


“…Thank you from both of us. You have made two lives complete.” J. & A.


“…may all your dreams of success come true! A. E. & family


“Thank you … for the good work you did.” H. & M. F.


“…Thanks for everything. I am appreciating it. Thank you again.”


“You are the best!” F. & K.


“…Thank you so much for all your help………!” M. K.


“It was a dream that come true. Thank you, Mr. …, now, I am a Canadian.” M.


“…, you have a way of touching other’s lives with your thoughtfulness. Thank you.” F.


“…Thank you so much Mr. … for everything.” E.


“….Thank you for the good work you have done so far.” G. M.


“You have done a great job for me and my family. Thank you again. Allah blesses you and blesses your family and job.”


“…with a world of thanks.” D. & G.


“…Thank you very much for the professionalism that you made for me letters of invitation, which did grant the entrance to Canada. “A.


“Thank you for all your hard work, it was much appreciated.” Q.


“Thank you for your great help.” D. & R.


“Once again thank you for the help that you gave us. God bless and hope you continue having a prosperous new year.” K. G. & N. A.”


“Thank you for all your services” K. M.


“Thank you for all your help at Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd.” Y. Z.


“… everything is fine! Thank you again for your help all the time!” B. S.


“I can’t say thank you enough for all your help, with helping me with sponsorship of my husband. For this my family is very thankful.” Family G.


“Thanks a lot for the things you did for us regarding the immigration paper work. I wish you will continue your work in the same manner. May the Good Lord Bless You.” R. and Y. D.


“Thank you for everything you have done to us. God Bless you. Thank you.” S. A, M.A.


“Thank you for everything.” R. J. V.



In addition to thank you cards, our office has received so far twenty (20) plaques from clients and uncountable gifts. These are just some of them:

  1. Thank you for all your help and guidance for the last 13 years. M. A., 2014
  2. In appreciation for outstanding guidance, dedication and hard work for our family. I., M. M. 2014
  3. My wife and I are so happy for all your counselling and help for the past 2 years. Thank you. J. and K.,2014
  4. Thank you for a job well done. E., 2014
  5. Thank you for all your help during the last 6 years. G. R., 2010
  6. In appreciation ………. for all your support From S. F. and N. Family, 2008
  7. … In appreciation for all your help with …… P. G., 2007
  8. … Thank you for your hard work. F. K., 2007
  9. …Thank you. H., R. & A., 2006
  10. … In appreciation for all your help and hard work .G. F., 2004
  11. In appreciation …….. For your outstanding dedication and hard work on our behalf. K. B.
  12. Thank you for your hard work & help. K. H.
  13. Thank you for your help. A.
  14. …I’m to be grateful for everything. R. P.
  15. A simple thing that will remind you of my heartful thanks. A. M.
  16. Thanks a lot. Now my life gonna change soon! God bless you! P. G.
  17. Thank you. R. D. & family
  18. Thank you for all you help. B.A.
  19. Thank you so much! More power to you. God bless you and your family. G. Family.
  20. Thank you so much for your help. I’m very satisfied by your work! I’m very glad that I came to you. S.