Work Permit: “Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd has been very helpful concerning work visa requirements. His knowledge and contacts greatly expedited a difficult process. Thank you and looking forward to using Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd’ services again.”


Permanent Resident Status: “I was devastated when I got the letter of refusal for my daughter’s permanent status. I took my concerns to Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd. Within a couple of months, we won the appeal without even going to court. I want to give my thanks and appreciation for what he has done for me and my family, and I will continue to use the company in the future.” J. M., Calgary, AB


Professional service: I have to say Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd is a great company. This company offers wonderful services and charges the minimum fee. It is a pleasure to work with them. I appreciate what they did for me and would like to say thanks to them.” H. D. Calgary, AB


Canadian Citizenship: “I cannot fully express my gratitude toward you and your team for you hard work on my case and professional attitude toward it. Your office always notified me immediately whenever you received correspondence from Citizenship officials pertaining to may case. It seems incredible that the entire process took only twelve months while I heard for 18-24 months. As a Senior Citizen, I did not have to write the exam but to go for a quick interview. The short amount of time attests to the professionalism and efficiency with which your team works. Thank you for a job well done. Without a doubt, we will seek to obtain your services for our future needs. We will also recommend, without hesitation your firm to friends who need similar assistance.” V. A. Calgary, AB


Multiple Services: “I have known Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd for over 10 years. I have referred many people to them and continue to do so because my friends have assured me that they had had only excellent result from the service they received from Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd. If you are looking for excellent result than stop looking you have found it now.” J. R., Calgary, AB


Canadian Pardon: “I wish to thank Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd for assisting me with the paperwork to get my pardon started. It did take a bit of time, but dealing with government paperwork usually does no fault of this team. I would recommend Mr __ and his team to anyone who would need his professional services. Thank you.” C. A., Carstairs, AB


S. Waiver: “Thank you for being so patient with me. You have done one hell of a good job. It has been a great pleasure to meet with you and have trust on both sides. You are a good person, keep up the excellent work.” D. H. Calgary, AB


Visitor Visa Extension: “I am very pleased to receive my mother-in law’s visitor visa extension. First, Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd wrote the invitation letter and she first time came to Canada. Then you help us to extend her stay. I remember everything how you follow with us and to explain us to apply. We also remember that we had your non-refundable fee but you are different from others. You care for your clients. My mother in law did not have any money. But just because of your assistance we got the extension. You make it possible when there was no hope.” J. & M.R., Calgary, AB


Spouse Sponsorship from Honduras/Guatemala: “Thank you for all the professionalism and assistance you provided to sponsor my wife and her child from her previous relationship.

You are very prompt, reliable, energetic and knowledgeable. You have been so meticulous in reviewing the forms and finding the errors that I could not figure out myself. What’s so amazing is that you respond to our telephone calls and voice mails very promptly despite of your very busy schedule. I am very impressed by the attention you pay to our case in a timely and efficient manner. It’s natural for most of us not to understand the rules and regulations in this country and we keep asking many questions again and again. What is so different about Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd is that you get a very clear, reassuring explanation/answer once you ask a question. I’m glad that he’s on my side. I would strongly recommend him to anyone who wants help with Canadian Immigration. I have already referred one close friend from Drumheller for his services and will continue to spread his good name in Canada and overseas.

All this process took only 6 months to complete even though she were called for an Immigration Interview and this was not a surprise to us as it was anticipated from you at our first meeting. My wife is 26 years younger than me. With your help she obtained the visa and now she’s in Canada with me. We recommend your services to anyone who needs Immigration help in our community. Thank you so much for everything.” B. C. Calgary, AB


Personal Tax Returns: “I have great experience with Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd while I was filing for my taxes. The team was fast, precise and way cheaper than any other place that offers this service. I can honestly say that I will be coming back to this office for many years down the line. Not to mention that it is way more pleasant dealing with your taxes in their office than in a noisy mall with shoppers possibly listening in to your private financial dealings! Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd even emailed my file, so I got my tax refund way faster than when I was doing my taxes with the HR block.

To conclude, Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd are a great team for Immigration, Tax Preparation, Immigration Photos and Paralegal services.” P. S., Calgary, AB


Canadian Experience Class: “I would like to thank the whole Active Professional team for the exceptional work they did on my file. I applied as a Cook under the Canadian Experience Class.” B. H. Calgary, AB


Federal Skilled Worker Immigration: “I’m a temporary Filipino foreign worker in one of the nursing home, when my employer decided not to renew us due to recession. My friend referred me to Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd to seek some advice how can we stay here, at the same time I’m pregnant. I went to this prestigious office, they are very accommodating all my worries and questions they are all answer in a systematic and concise statement. In less than a year, I got my permanent residency. Thank you very much for the help.” J.P. Calgary, AB


Commissioner for Oaths: “The service was very fast, professional and efficient!” Z. A. Calgary, AB


L.M.O., Work Permit & Personal Tax Returns: “I came to Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd for my L.M.O., change of Work Permit to Managerial Position and Permanent Residence as Skilled Worker. When we came to them, it looks like we had to go back to Switzerland, because of very bad advices from our Swiss Immigration Consultant and we were very sad about this. The result came unbelievably fast. Not only that, Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd was also able to prepare my Income Tax returns for me. They have helped us so much and we really appreciate this. We have just received our Permanent Residence in August 2010. Through the whole story I recognized that Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd is one of the best Consulting Companies out there and we high recommend this firm anyone with a need for their services. I am not hesitating to say that you are an honest #1 professional in this field. Whenever we came to your office, we were treated us with respect and dignity.” S.B., Calgary, AB


Canadian Permanent Residence: “I’m grateful to God for using the team of Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd to work on my PR, from the beginning that I stepped into their office, they were there to assist me with every single important document that I need to submit to immigration for my PR. I went to them with Canadian experience class in child care professionals and I was asked to bring the document that are related to that information and within 10 months of submitting the document I got my PR with an affordable price and good following up on my documents during the period that they were working on it. I appreciate the work they did and I intend to direct friends and family members to them soon for their great work. Thanks to the team of Active Professional for their work well done.” U. E. O., Calgary, AB


Refugee Claim due to Same-sex Orientation: “Thank you for making my refugee claim on the grounds of same-sex relations a success. You sat with me and work with me step by step telling me what to expect and what will happen next. You are a true professional within five months I become a convention refugee!” B.Z.Y. Calgary, AB


Visitor Visa Extension: “We’ve known you for over five years and you’ve helped us a lot with my mother’s extension in Canada. We appreciate what you have done for us.” D. R., Calgary, AB


Permanent Residence, Study Permit & Work Permit: “I have used Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd to get both me and my daughter Permanent Residence as well as Study Permit and Work Permit(s). They are reliable, honest, hard working, they don’t tell you what you want to hear but what you need to do or the information you need to provide. They work with you keep on top of your file; they don’t play game or bit around the bushes. They tell you the truth what you need to do in order to get your P. R. status or what you need they service for.

You get a contract from the beginning telling you your fees have pay, you even have a payment plan, giving you time to pay your fee if you cannot make the full payment, you both agreed and the fee never change again if you have to pay any other fee you will be told up front.

They call you while your file is processing and give you an update you not just another client that walk to the door and forgotten. They work on your file put all the information together and send out as soon as possible a file that is the client fault not Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd.

They are professionals in their filed and will make sure you understand every step involved in processing your papers. Due to their knowledge about Canadian Immigration Laws, I never had any question from the Authorities during any application under process through their office.

I recommend Active Professional to anybody. They are the best. They even do my Income Taxes every year and have Prepared Last Will. At present, I am talking to them about my Canadian Citizenship Application. If I need any advice I go to them if they cannot help I know they find someone to help me.” G.A. Calgary, AB


Professional Services: “During my visit to Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd, I have had the opportunity to witness and provide clients with the service they can all count on. It is by far the most well established environment to work in with coworkers who are very patient to explain things thoroughly with a friendly smile and respect.” S. S., Calgary, AB


Proof of Citizenship: “Thank you for great service and thanks for all the great information that I did not know. I am sure to be an ongoing client for the years to come. Thanks.” E., Calgary, AB


Canadian Pardon and U.S. Travel Waiver: “I was satisfied with the service I received by Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd. The staff was thorough, comprehensive and competent on handling my file.” D.M., Calgary, AB


Extension of Temporary Resident Status as a Visitor: “I came to Canada from Russia with my common-law partner but our relationship fell apart within a few months. So I applied for the Extension of Temporary Resident Status as a Visitor as a single through Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd. I want to express my thanks to you for handling my case so quickly and professionally. All my questions were answered at once and I felt very confident that we will succeed. Besides I found your fees very affordable!

Thank you once again! I will certainly recommend Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd services to those of my friends who will need them.” A.P., Calgary, AB


Same Sex Sponsorship within Canada: “We have been clients at Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd since our application for “Permanent Residency Application within Canada as a Common Law/ Same Sex Partner of Canadian Citizen” in April 2004. Throughout the whole process, Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd has been a great help on assisting our case with Immigration Canada that makes it a very satisfying experience.

Furthermore your knowledgeable and professional experiences have guided us through this whole process this far with satisfying responses. Your intelligent and professional knowledge will be highly recommended by us to whoever will be dealing with Immigration Canada for whatever cases it may be. We truly appreciate the hard work from Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd of bringing us close to succeed our case with Immigration Canada. Thank you.” J. H. & H. K., Calgary, AB


Personal Tax Returns: “Hello my name is T.L. and my husband R. L. We asked Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd to do our Income Tax Returns for the last 3 years. And we are very satisfied with the company; we like the prices stay always same, every time. We came to them; he is supporting and kind in the future we will stay by them. I hope for them more people coming and enjoy their professional work like we do. I told already my friends about him and they said their will try, and I hope they and know there will be happy.” T.L., Calgary, AB


PR. Card:“I received my PR card approved in less than 3 months. I want to thank you for all the works you have done for my PR Card case. I would definitely recommend you to others. Your sense of humor is a bonus as a client.” J. N., Calgary, AB


U.S. Immigration: “Thank you for all the help in this very important situation in our life. There aren’t enough words that we can write here that shows our appreciation. You have been a light in our hearts and home then a blessing me and sherry will always remember what you have done for us. And it is very important for us to write here how much we appreciate the discount you gave us in that immigration process! We are very sorry for all the stress that we may have caused by our financial situation. Once again thank you very much for everything. An honest and sincere thank you! God bless you because one thing is true. You are unique and more than a professional and that’s what makes you different form competitors. We will never forget you.” L. S. Calgary, AB


Commissioner for Oaths: “Professionally and bravely done service. It’s highly recommended.” D.A., Calgary, AB


L.M.O.: “Thank you very much for the help I received from your firm regarding the L.M.O. for resident of Colombia as Business Manager/Operation Manager. I was deeply impressed by your professionalism, your hard working attitude and above all your high efficient. I was surprised that we received L.M.O. within 3 weeks after mailing even through there is a reputation that HRSDC takes 6 months. Your professional advice, guidance and efficient services rendered enabled us to receive the visa without much anxiety. It is indeed my pleasure and good fortune to know you and your team since 2004 that are always ready to attend any query that I may have.” K.D., Calgary, AB (Corporate Client)


U.S. Invitation Letter: “I wanted to let you know that we are grateful for your help regarding our visitor Visa to the USA. You helped us to complete all the forms, documents and setting up the interview appointment. My wife and I had an interview for U.S. Visitor Visa last week. The officer made the decision the same day. When we crossed the border and we became Canadian Permanent Residents, which you had helped us the paper work. Otherwise we had to go all the way to Greece and re-enter Canada. We just wanted to say Thank You and felt this info might be useful in the future. Please tell your team we appreciate all the hard work. We will keep in touch, when our Canadian Citizen will be due.” C.L. Calgary, AB