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Permanent Residency: Enormous Canadian Immigration Services! My wife and I are both retired and in our mid 60’s, and were married eight years ago after meeting on the internet and courting for 15 months. Since my spouse is an American citizen, but we planned to reside in Canada with an annual trip back to Texas each winter for a few months to visit her family (and to avoid the worst of the local winter weather), she needed to become a Permanent Resident of Canada, particularly so she would qualify for Provincial Health insurance. After marriage we retained Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd for assistance in this matter, it seemed the process would drag on for well over a year, due to existing backlogs within Immigration Canada, but their personal interest and telephone conversations with Processing Personnel resulted in a turnaround time of only 5 months or so! During that time, we have become friends, and their personal involvement, friendly attitude, and wry sense of humor have been more than welcome, as has their very modest fee.” A. Calgary, AB