Canada Immigration & Business Services (CIBS) Ltd.’s Human Resources Services are for small businesses where there are 1 to 30 employees, and there is no designated H.R. staff. With hiring CIBS Ltd. you can save thousand of dollars by hiring an in-house H.R. representative. We are flexible with working with business owners from one time consulting to complete hiring and dismissal processes.

CIBS Ltd. also offers services for individuals who need help with their resume, interview preparation, harassment or discrimination at work, or mediation, to name some of the many services offered. Essentially, we can help with any H.R. matter.

The CIBS Ltd. H.R. Consultant has completed the Registered Professional Recruiter (RPR) Accreditation Program and the Canadian Management Professional (CMP) Accreditation Program from the Institute of Professional Management (IPM), Canada. He is an active member of the Association of Professional Recruiters of Canada (APRC) and Canadian Management Professional Association (CMPA).

Canada Immigration & Business Services (CIBS) Ltd. is a licensed Employment Agency in Alberta. For further details of our employment agency services for employers and employees, please visit our dedicated page, “Employment Agency”.

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Looking for a service not listed here? Do not hesitate to contact Canada Immigration & Business Services (CIBS) Ltd. and we may be able to help, and if not, we offer to find appropriate specialists free of charge.