Paralegals in Alberta work in a legal capacity acting as agents and representing the best interest of their clients in various judicial matters. They provide their clients with a comparable and more economical service compared to using a lawyer.

Paralegals charge a fraction of lawyer’s fees, which can be a great advantage to those who require legal assistance but are unable to afford the high rates of most lawyers.

Paralegals are permitted to practice in Provincial Offences Court, Small Claims Court, Landlord and Tenant Tribunals and many other tribunals and hearings. In addition, Paralegals can assist with completing any applications and to prepare simple documentation. Although individuals and small businesses may be self-represented in many legal matters, representation by an experienced and licenced paralegal may result in a more competent, successful and less stressful experience.

What “Canada Immigration & Business Services” can do for you?

What “Canada Immigration & Business Services” can do for you?

Canada Immigration & Business Services can act on your behalf by representing you as a legal agent or advocate in a variety of services. Our goal is to partner with you to achieve the best possible outcome in any legal matter where we represent or assist you

at a fraction of the price of a lawyer.

Canada Immigration & Business Services paralegal services include but are not limited to the following alphabetical list.


  • Administrative Alberta Driver Licence Suspension Program

  • Alberta Child or Adult Health Benefits

  • Alberta Zero Alcohol Tolerance Program

  • Appeal for a city business licence

  • Appeal for a provincial business licence

  • Appeal of PBC (Parole Board of Canada) decision for conditional release

  • Disability benefits appeal

  • Employment Insurance (E.I.) appeal

  • Immediate Roadside Suspension Program

  • Property assessment review appeal

  • Review of driver conduct

  • Vehicle Seizure Program

  • WCB appeal


  • Completing the application to receive information as a victim

  • Completing travel document applications for refugees

  • Enduring Power of Attorneys

  • Record Suspensions (Known as Canadian Pardon)

  • To obtain previous divorce judgment for any provincial court in Canada

  • Translating your documents into English and 50+ languages through Certified Translators

  • U.S.A. Waivers (Advanced permission to enter as a non-immigrant)

  • With any and all applications unless prohibited by law.

Civil Matters:

  • Assistance to resolve civil matters in Small Claims Court

Commissioner for Oaths Services (Alberta, Saskatchewan and Québec):

Corporate Services:

  • Coordinate and prepare corporate documents and complete the required forms for the creation of new legal entities

  • Coordinate the certification, notarization and legalization of corporate documents required to support international activities, liaising with the relevant Embassies, Consulates and Chamber of Notaries

  • Dissolve and revive your company

  • Maintain the minute books of legal entities (annual resolutions, annual reports, etc.)

  • Manage and maintain the database containing all information pertaining to legal entities

  • Perform company name searches and reserve

  • Prepare and file your corporate amendments

  • Register your trade name

  • Update minute book

Divorce Matters:

  • Assistance to complete the required documents and signing as Commissioner for Oaths

  • Referral to family lawyer and Divorce Specialist for completed matters.

Document Authentication:

  • Assist in dealing with Foreign Affairs of Canada on a client’s behalf

  • Signing documents as Commissioner for Oaths and referral to Notary when required.

Educational Affairs:

  • Assist in completing Student Loan Application or any other application

  • Assist with admission to any school, college or university in Canada and the U.S.

  • Career counselling

  • Cover letter writing

  • Résumé Preparations

Family Matters:

  • Agreements (Pre-nuptial, Co-habitation, Common-Law, Separation and others)

  • Child Maintenance and Support Applications

  • Last Wills – Prepare and sign as a Commissioner for Oaths

  • Personal Care Directives (Living Wills)

  • Representation to Alberta Maintenance Enforcement Program

Landlord and Tenant Matters:

  • Arrears/Eviction Applications

  • Assist landlords and tenants to resolve serious disputes outside of court

  • Attendance at mediations at the Landlord and Tenant Board

  • Attendance at the Landlord and Tenant Board to adjourn matters, obtain consent orders and conduct hearings

  • Enforcement of Eviction Orders and Rent Arrears Orders

  • Notices and applications in connection with noise/disturbance issues; impaired safety; property damage; demolition

  • Obtaining and reporting on Eviction Orders and Arrears Judgments

  • Representation for disputes and proceedings

Marriage Abroad:

  • Assist in gathering required documents when marrying in a foreign country

  • Assist in updating all your records (drivers licence, health care card)

  • Facilitate in obtaining Statement in Lieu of a Certificate of Non-Impediment to Marriage Abroad

  • Provide translation, authentication and legalization of documents for getting married abroad (passport, notice of search for marriage, employment letter, etc.)

  • Single Status Affidavit preparation and signature as a Commissioner for Oaths

  • Support in completion of Statutory Declaration of your marital status

Parole Board of Canada Services:

  • Appeal of PBC (Parole Board of Canada) decision for conditional release

  • Application to receive information as a victim

  • Clemency which can be granted in exceptional circumstances in deserving cases

  • Record Suspension (Formally Canadian Pardon) Application


  • Assist in completing a passport application

  • Assist in obtaining a Visa for most foreign countries

  • Travel consent signature (when one or no parent is traveling with children)

Provincial Court (Civil) Claims:

  • Assistance for civil matters and signing as commissioner for oaths.

Real Estate:

  • Assist in completing a Real Estate Purchase Contract Application when buying privately

  • Assist in completing Rental Lease Applications

  • Assist with property lien matters

  • Commissioner for Oaths signatures for real estate documents when law office is preparing the file outside of Calgary

  • Prepare Real Estate files for other law firms

  • Free of charge to Realtors/Real Estate Agents/Brokers, Mortgage Agents/Brokers and Business Brokerage

Record Suspensions (Previously called Canadian Pardons):

  • Remove criminal record from public record

  • Representation for Record Suspension Application

Registry Services:

  • Assist in obtaining a lien

  • Assist with legal name change application and Commissioner for Oaths signature

  • Assist with obtaining new and old Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates from Alberta and any other provinces and territories in Canada

Service Canada Applications:

  • Assistance for civil matters and signing as commissioner for oaths.

  • Assist in completing Employment Insurance Report

  • Assist in completing Old Age, CPP and Widow Pensions Applications

  • Assist in completing the S.I.N. Application

  • Representation for Business Licence or Appeal

  • Representation for Employment Insurance Appeal

Social Benefits Advocacy

  • Adult Extended Health Care Benefit

  • AISH Benefits

  • Canada Pension Plan

  • Child Extended Health Care benefits

  • Consulting to gain maximum benefits from federal, provincial, municipal and private sector

  • Consulting for savvy shopper, where and how you can buy for less

  • Dental benefits for children and adults from provincial and private sector

  • Disability benefits

  • Disability pension

  • Old Age Security benefits

  • Recreation subsidy for children from municipal and private sector

  • Senior benefits

  • Subsidized rental and house ownership

  • WCB applications and appeal

  • Widow pensions

  • And Much More

Spousal Land Transfers:

  • Assist in completing the Spousal Land Transfer Form

  • Commissioner for Oaths signatures

Tax Refund:

  • Assist Foreign Nationals to get tax refund

Looking for a service not listed here? Do not hesitate to contact CIBS LTD to see if we may be able to help and if not, we offer to find appropriate specialists free of charge.