If you are planning to move out of Canada, navigating the complex immigration structures in place for most of the popular destinations can be stressful and time consuming. Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd relieves your stress by offering assistance to those seeking to move to the U.S.A.

If you are looking to move overseas in the near future, we at Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd can help you. Please contact us to learn more about our Immigration Assistance Services and let us explain how we can assist in making your future better. Our primary focus is to provide you with the freedom to focus on the excitement of immigrating to another country without worrying about the visa process. Convert your migration related dreams into reality through Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd.

As Immigration Paralegals, Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd can assist you to research the category as per your requirements, find the application forms, complete the forms, and attain the required documents, where a country’s laws allow i.e. Canadian Immigration Laws allow only either a lawyer or Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) to prepare or advise any immigration matter. Please see our page “Canadian Immigration” for details of Canadian Immigration Services. Using Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd services as an Immigration Paralegal until the point of submission of your application for the U.S.A. and other International Countries will save you thousands of dollars which Immigration Lawyers or Authorized Immigration Consultants charge you. Lawyers and Immigration Consultants charge elevated fee when representing a person’s file, a simple reason is that they have kept the file open from their end but there is not much work left after mailing the application. Honestly speaking, Immigration Officials do not make favorable decisions based on whether a lawyer or an Immigration Consultant is representing you, but how thoroughly the package is prepared. When applying for immigration you are allowed to represent yourself. When representing yourself you will mail the package which we will prepare for you. During the process an officer may ask you to provide certain updated documents or forms which either you can reply to the authorities yourself or you may bring the requests to our office, and we can assist you at that time. At the end of the process, they will ask you to send your passport to issue your visas!

If you have a criminal record in Canada, Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd can help you to obtain a Record of Suspension (previously called Canadian Pardon). Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd also has the experience and expertise to obtain a U.S.A. Waiver (Advanced Permission to Enter USA). We have obtained 100’s of Record Suspensions and USA Waivers through our office since 1999. For further details on “the U.S.A. Waiver” and “Record Suspension” please visit our related pages.

Immigration to United States of America (U.S.A.):

Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd is able to assist you with any U.S.A. Immigration Applications, which includes but are not limited to:

  • Employment-Based Green Card

  • Extraordinary Ability – O-1 Visa

  • Family-Based Green Card

  • Fiancé Sponsorship

  • Green Card Lottery

  • Investor-Based Green Card

  • Marriage-Based Green Card

  • U.S.A. Citizenship

Contact Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd to book a confidential appointment.

Immigration to Australia:

Whether you are planning to, or have decided to immigrate to Australia, congratulations on making a wonderful decision that promises a fantastic lifestyle, excellent working conditions and friendly people.

To apply for Australian immigration, you must first determine the best category for your needs. There are numerous Australian immigration visas to choose from:

  • Business Migration

  • Employer Sponsored Skilled Migration

  • Family (Prospective Marriage, Spouse, Parents and Aged Parents) Migration

  • General Skilled Migration (GSM)

  • Regional Migration Options

  • Skilled Migration

Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd can help you sort through the many visas for Australia by assessing your details and finding the best Australia visa for your needs. With a team of Immigration Consultants, we make applying for an Australian visa easy. Take our free assessment to start your Australia visa online application today.

Immigration to United Kingdom (U.K.):

The United Kingdom or U.K. allows its citizens and permanent residents to bring their qualifying partners to join them in the U.K. through the Marriage Visa and Fiancé Visa. In addition, other relatives may be sponsored under the U.K. Dependency Visa. In most cases family visas allow their applicants to live and work in the UK and ultimately to apply for UK citizenship. U.K. family immigration for dependents of a main U.K. visa applicant is also available for some of the longer-term UK immigration services such as Tier 1 and Tier 2 visas.

At Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd we know that helping you to obtain your U.K. immigration is just one of many important considerations when migrating to the United Kingdom. When you are relocating for good, your choice of immigration consultant could be one of the most important decisions you ever make.

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Immigration to Germany:

Are you considering migrating to Germany and looking for information about the requirements? Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd is here to assist you in finding the information about German Immigration, Permanent Resident Permit, Specialist Professionals Immigration etc.

Immigration to France:

The French authorities have traditionally been very protective of their Domestic Labour Force and put many bureaucratic obstacles in the way of companies wishing to recruit foreign workers. Their attitude is changing due to an acute shortage of IT professionals which is affecting the performance of many French companies. Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd can assist you with paperwork for Family Immigration, Acquiring French Nationality, Dual Nationality and Asylum in France.

Immigration to New Zealand:

New Zealand has been actively encouraging skilled immigrants to fill labor shortages as well as providing numerous other paths to residence. New Zealand’s Skilled Migration Category (SMC) allows people with the skills and qualifications that New Zealand values to get residence or a permit to work. Applicants are scored against a points-based system and entered into a pool of potential migrants. Applicants are chosen every fortnight for an invitation to apply for migration to New Zealand.

Skilled Migration is only one of many options for immigrating to New Zealand, including general work visas, family reunification and investment.

Immigration to Pakistan:

Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd will assist for Pakistani Immigration as a Spouse or Business Immigration, applying through localized offices in Canada.

Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd CEO was born and raised in Pakistan and moved to Canada in 1993. He is confident in helping you to obtain immigration and a Visa for Pakistan.

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Immigration to India:

Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd offers a full range of Indian immigration service for spouse sponsorship, for permanent residency in India including the Persons of Indian Origin (PIO Card) and the Overseas Citizenship of India Scheme (OCI).

Immigration to Sweden:

Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd provide services to help with applications for people who want to immigrate to Sweden, seek asylum in Sweden, or who want to become Swedish citizens.

Immigration to South Africa:

People willing to move to South Africa for business or family migration can rely on Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd to help with the application process.

Immigration to Singapore:

Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd is ready in helping with applications for Permanent Residence.

The above-mentioned are names of only a few of the many countries that we can help you with. Previously we have helped client’s immigration to Honduras, Mexico, and Peru, U.A.E., Saudi Arabia, Iran and many others.

Looking for a service not listed here? Do not hesitate to contact Canada Immigration & Business (CIBS) Services Ltd and we may be able to help and if not, we offer to find appropriate specialists free of charge.

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