U.S.A. Travel Waivers are also known as Advanced Permission to Enter as Nonimmigrant. There are many reasons a person may be ineligible to enter the U.S.A. In general, you may be denied entry if you have a communicable disease, criminal record(s), for possession of or trafficking, involvement with terrorism or terrorist organizations (no Waivers can be approved for this category), if you have trafficked in person, been involved in money laundering, might become a public charge because of limited financial resources, have been previously deported or have overstayed a previous period of admission to the U.S.A.

Depending on the reason for your inadmissibility into the U.S.A., and if you are a class of nonimmigrant where a visa is not required e.g. Canadian Citizen, or you are a nonimmigrant with appropriate documents who subsequently becomes admissible, you may be eligible to apply in advance of your travel directly to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for a temporary waiver or Landed Immigrant of inadmissibility.

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A Waiver is a legal document that permits you to enter the U.S.A. without a problem despite the fact that you have a criminal record. If you have a past criminal record and you’re caught traveling to the U.S.A. without a Waiver, it is likely that you will be denied entry to the U.S.A. You also risk the possibility of being arrested and charged for illegal entry into the U.S.A. – punishable by being deported and even having your vehicle and/or property confiscated.

U.S.A. Customs and Immigration Officers now have computer access to the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database. With new laws being passed, making passports mandatory for Canadian citizens to enter the U.S.A., information can now be accessed by these officers, such as whether or not you have a prior criminal record, with the swipe of the bar code on your passport.

In the past, you may have been able to travel in and out of the U.S.A. but now with your history on file you could be denied entry based on your criminal record. Many of these cases even relate to criminal records that occurred decades ago – but in the eyes of the law, you’re still inadmissible to the U.S.A.

The U.S.A. government takes these cases very seriously. That is why it is important to apply for a Waiver in advance to travel. It will also ensure that you don’t risk the humiliation of being detained and denied entry to the border in front of your family, friends and/or colleagues. Not to mention the fact that it could save you thousands of dollars in non-refundable travel and accommodation fees.

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The penalties for being found attempting to cross the border or flying with a criminal record or found already in the U.S.A. with a criminal record are numerous. It may vary and depending on the officer, from something as mild as a reprimand and being turned away from the border or as serious as being arrested, a conviction or incarceration.

As per the U.S.A. Government, attempting to gain entry without declaring your criminal record could result in a permanent ineligibility and/or detention at a U.S.A. Department of Homeland Security enforcement facility while a Customs and Border Patrol Officer determines your admissibility.

There are misunderstandings around travelling in the U.S.A. but not knowing the laws is no excuse.

  1. A criminal record will not disappear when you receive a new passport. A criminal record remains with a person’s identity whenever a background check is done. Therefore, a criminal record is accessible through your passport. A passport is considered a travel document or I.D., and is not indicative of the absence of a criminal record.
  2. Having a criminal record with charges from several years ago does not preclude the necessity of a Travel Waiver. Officer may still deny your entry.
  3. Being granted a Record Suspension prior to travelling does not guarantee admittance to the U.S.A. The reality is that Record Suspensions are not recognized by several countries, including the U.S.A. Even with a Canadian Pardon/Record Suspension, a Travel Waiver is a requirement.

Because of the common perception that it is easy to cross the border without concern, many individuals do not know if they can legally enter the U.S.A. until they are stopped and turned away at the border.

Benefits of a Travel Waiver:

The key benefits for U.S.A. Travel Waivers are: Vacation/Visit, Work, Business and Peace of Mind.


Relax both your mind and body by being able to take a holiday without restrictions. You do not want to be turned away from the U.S.A. Border or Airport, when you have already paid for the ticket and/or in front of your family and friends.


Avoid the embarrassment of not being able to cross the Border for work.


Be able to make trips across the Border for business purposes.

CIBS has prepared a few hundred U.S.A. Travel Waiver Packages since 1999. You can count on our experience.

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Contract & Temporary Placement

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Permanent Placement

We fill positions at all levels from junior to executive management:

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All our staffing solutions are limited to only Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents.

Canada Immigration Business Services (CIBS) Ltd is licensed by the Government of Alberta to operate as a National Employment Agency under Licence/Registration Number 320849 in June 2007. We strictly follow Fair Trading Act and related laws to Employment Agency.

CIBS Ltd currently holds only the ‘National Employment Agency’ licence; we are however favourably disposed to obtain the ‘International Employment Agency’ licence once the demand of our clients (the employers) fit that category.

Our capability to recruit high quality professionals positions us to provide you with efficient staffing solution that meets your company’s goal. If you need to fill a job vacancy right away, we can help you save more of your precious time and offer you excellent and satisfying service that could benefit your business and support its needs.

With CIBS Ltd qualified and professional team, we do all the preliminary work in finding potential candidates – advertising, screening, interviewing, and reference checking, and so on. We also provide candidates that are difficult to find independently and maintain pool of potential candidates so that the recruitment process becomes easier and faster. We serve a variety of occupations and fields, ranging from clerical and office help to technical and professional positions through local candidate. We only provide right candidates that have the exact fit, personality, skills and experience you’re seeking. In line with Government regulations, when a successful candidate is hired through us, you as the employer will pay a fee based on the type and level of the position. Usually the fee represents a percentage (anywhere from 10 – 20% – one of the lowest fees in Canada) of the annual base salary of the successful candidate.

Section 12 of the Employment Agency Business Licensing Regulation prohibits an employment agency business operator from directly or indirectly demanding or collecting a fee, reward or other compensation;

  • from an individual who is seeking employment or from another person on that individual’s behalf,

  • from an individual who is seeking information respecting employers seeking employees or from another person on that individual’s behalf,

  • from an individual for securing or attempting to secure employment for the individual or providing the individual with information respecting any employer seeking employees or from another person on that individual’s behalf, or

  • from an individual for evaluating or testing the individual, or arranging for the individual to be evaluated or tested, for skills or knowledge required for employment, where the individual or employment is in Alberta, or from another person on that individual’s behalf.

To begin the placement process, we will visit your workplace at your invitation to discuss your needs, get a feel of your firm’s culture and understand your company vision. In order to meet your staffing solutions need, we will need a detailed job description for the positions you need to fill in as well as a description of your company, including but not limited to people policy etc. This will help us in finding competent and appropriate candidates for your company and its needs to fit in where they are most needed and most effective. We believe that optimized productivity and quality service are very important in our businesses.

We will not spare any effort to ensure we only present candidates that are suited to your organization. They will be qualified and available individuals who have expressed an interest in working for your firm. We realize your time is valuable. We will communicate with you as regularly as you wish throughout the placement process.

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